Friday, August 1, 2014

Why I homeschool, and why I hope it doesn't offend you

We all feel the need to explain ourselves lately don't we? I can not count how many articles I have read recently about "why I choose this" or "why you shouldn't say this to me"

Why? Why, does it matter to the world why you do what you do? I had an amazing conversation on this very subject the other night at dinner with a group of girlfriends. I learn a lot from these women, one has taught be how to simplify my world, one has taught me to really listen to people and try to understand where they are coming from and one said that the only reason people have a problem with the choices you make is because they have a problem with the choices they make. Whoa, that right there is powerful!

So that being said, I hope I can shed some light on some things that will help others understand that homeschooling has nothing to do with anyone personally, but it has everything to do with a personal decision for our family.

To the teacher: You are amazing, inspirational and I look up to you all. I don't homeschool because of you or your peers. I admire you and your peers for your ability to make a difference and touch the lives of our youth.  The most inspirational person in my life (my grandmother) was a teacher.  She was incredible. I also have many family members who chose this as their profession. If I had a career I would most likely be a teacher as well.

To the public school parent: I don't think for one second that I am better than you. In fact some days I honestly think about joining you. I admire you for being so involved and doing amazing things to support your child and their teacher for their education.

To the private school parent: I was you. I miss being around you, so many of you are my friends and selfishly my biggest fear in all of this is losing touch with you. One day things may change financially for our family and we will return. I pray this will be the case. I also pray for Holy Trinity and fully support the success of this amazing school.

There it is, why we homeschool doesn't matter, what matters to me in all of this is that the people I love don't feel like in any way this should offend them or their choices. I have AMAZING support and am so blessed for this opportunity.

Now moving on, this will be our story. I can guarantee it will be messy, I pray it will be successful and I promise to post the good with the bad and maybe even the times where I am knee deep in the weeds and am ready to throw in the towel. Something our youth minister said at mass the other day really stuck with me.  I don't remember word for word so forgive me if its not exact but he was talking about how some people might not feel qualified to help with high school students then he said "none of us are qualified, but God qualifies us." I feel like that is going to get me through the hard stuff. This is my vocation, and God will carry me through.

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