Monday, August 11, 2014

"We will be there unless we are not there....then we won't be there"

The most non committal commitment statement ever! I say it often, because that is about all I can give right now. There are 203842 variables with having kids and multiple that by the number of kids to get a true number. I can just about commit to waking up in the morning, then once I wake up, I commit to getting out of bed, then I commit to making breakfast (pouring cereal)....see where this is going? My commitments are minute to minute. It is the only thing I can guarantee. I can meal plan, lesson plan, all day but nothing is set in stone and I have to be able to morph and maneuver all the variables with ninja like skills.

When it comes to homeschooling, committing to anything beyond the day is terrifying to me. I start thinking about the days, weeks, months and YEARS that I am faced with and it isn't easy. Especially when I spent the first years of Cameron's life counting the days until he started school! We plan on homeschooling until 8th grade, that is 8 more years of homeschool.  Currently we take it day by day because that is all I can give. Each day we are making memories, learning, and working together to achieve a common goal: the next day, when we wake up and do it all over again. 

Not everyday is great, this one today was FULL of ups and downs. I hardly slept last night due to a fussy baby, so I woke up wondering how I was going to make breakfast. I didn't have to, my oldest was making everyone oatmeal when I woke up. MY OLDEST, not Riley, but CAMERON, made all the kids breakfast. School in the morning was smooth and with one lesson left after lunch I could see the homestretch. Of course that last lesson was rough due to some attitude and anger, but we made it, another minute, of another drop in the bucket of this 8 year journey. Small victories, lead to bigger ones and bigger ones lead to the end result.  

Here is a small video of Simon. He desperately wants to be upstairs with his siblings. He has been up there before and he played until he fell asleep. I imagine it was the best day of his seven months so far. He tries everyday to get up the stairs.  He can crawl to the first step and has figured out how to stand. I know what its like buddy, wanting that end result so bad, but thinking you'll never get there. You will get there, and when you do it will be a great day for you. I will cheer you on along the way and can't wait to meet you at the top. Don't worry if you fall, I will be right here, it is a long way but you can do it!

I imagine our Heavenly Father saying the same thing to all of us. He can see the stairs, every one of them and He knows the obstacles we must overcome. I imagine him saying, "you can do it, trust me, I know what is at the top and it is going to be worth every battle you fight to get there, you will fall but I will be right here. Trust me." 

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