Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Moving right along

We are moving right along around here. Getting into a rhythm and while it has been difficult at times, I would say on the whole we are adjusting well. Tuesdays will be reserved here on the blog for sharing things that we have been doing or are gearing up to do.

1. Next week the kids will be presenting their inventions and filming their one minute commercials. 
  • Bradford has built a "prototype" for a plane that runs on water instead of fuel
  • Cameron is keeping his invention top secret, which leads me to believe he has no idea what he's going to invent ;)
  • Riley has changed her mind 2342 times and just can't decide which one of her creations to bring to life.
2. We are planning a small garden with some pots the previous owners left. If you know of fun little plants that we can keep alive please let me know!

3. Cameron has flipped to the back of his math book (Saxon 5/4) and showed me he can do the problems on the last lesson.  "Now what?" He asks. 

4. We are practicing for our lip sync challenge. Look for that soon!

5. Next week we are looking forward to a zoo scavenger hunt!

Oddly enough my biggest challenge when the kids were in school is still my biggest challenge in homeschool. LUNCH, ugh, why do they have to EAT errrrryday? Looking for easy, healthy, ideas. EASY being the key word here. 

Tomorrow (or later this week, I am non committal remember) I will be talking about this little reminder......

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  1. Let Cameron do some exploring on his own. The garden maybe something to consider. How do people know how much land is needed to plant a packet of seeds? I'm sure you can even do some baking which is great for fractions. It's a practical way to learn that the outcome is dictated by how well you follow directions. My kids loved to cook kid things. Dinner in aluminum packets are easy on the grill. Banana boats are fun desserts. When I taught I did things like have someone write down all the steps to make a sandwich. Then have someone act out the directions. It makes a person stop and think in small steps. It was fun for everyone when I put my hand through a cabinet because the directions didn't specify opening the door first.