Tuesday, August 5, 2014

He makes all things beautiful... Our time in pictures

Today was a bit off, I am allowing myself those days. Days when speech therapist are late and it throws the timing off. I will not let them ruin our time our my attitude. We pick up and we move on with happy hearts. 

Moments to remember
Bradford working on the letter "B" 

Riley working on phonics. She always picks her BFF shirt that she made with her BFF. I will always let her. 

Pretty pencils

Colors to choose from

Little(ish) boy doing high school vocabulary. 

Every thing has a place

Find the pikachu every morning keeps the kids engaged


Beauty behind the mask

Amazing young man behind the mask

Daddy's mini me

Silly stuff is allowed....

.....And babies are too (this is old, he has two bottom teeth now!)

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